• Beginner to advanced riding lessons- Build your knowledge and experience while achieving your riding and training goals
  • Horse training- From tune-ups and show preparation to starting under saddle
  • Success plans- create a timeline with achievable goals custom tailored to you, your horse and your ability

Training philosophy:

I believe every horse should be given a clear guide to how we want it to behave. This starts from the ground. We very often forget how much impact the events leading up to riding can be. Building a relationship starts when you first greet the horse. When learning how to communicate with our four-legged friends, body language is a huge factor. Having a set of trained eyes watch everything you do can help shed light on certain problems, and help to build a relationship that fosters growth and development. When you and your horse are ready to take it to the next level, I will help you set and achieve development goals, whether you want to have a safe horse ready to hit the trails or a competitive show mount. Setting up a strong foundation and continuing with consistency and passion is the surest way to excel.